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Official launch day for Week 1 is 8.29.22 but get started TODAY!!!

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Parent/caretaker relationship building course plus child physical development program

  • $1,500.00
  • Includes a weekly 30-45 minute session plus daily activities to do with your little one & coaching tips from me on how to perform the activities and relational building exercises. You have unlimited access to complete these sessions at your pace and for as long as you would like to during your 20-week session. THERE WILL BE A ONCE A MONTH ALL GROUP LIVE CLASS SESSION VIA ZOOM THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET OTHER PARENTS. *PLUS A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP COMMUNITY TO CONNECT WITH OTHER PARENTS.*

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Build an unbreakable bond with your precious bundle of joy while they explore, learn, grow & develop!


EARLY BIRD Pricing options

My #1 priority is gaining the opportunity to work with you & your little one. I have made multiple payment options available for you. The breakdown is only $75 per week for 20 weeks:


The home is the first place that a child learns to view the world and learn about life. Family involvement is the key to unlocking their greatest potential!

We believe that in order for each child to thrive in their life, they must experience love and support from a very young age which will cultivate an environment/life that will nourish and support them to become strong, brave & confident in their life. When the overall goal/mission of connecting with you or any adult is met, the formation of a deeper bond begins to form and take root in their mind & body. When those are accomplished, the cognitive & physical development naturally continue to increase due to the formation of their brain development. Flips-N-Learn comes in as a partner with you to present the basic gymnastics and learning elements which will become the building blocks to their bright future. 💥PARENT/CARETAKER INVOLVEMENT+TIME+MOVE-N-LEARN+LEARN-N-GROW+BOND-N-BUILD= WORLD CHANGER 🌍❤️🤗